Here at Tainted Skin we’ve been established since February 2000. We started this shop on the belief of 3 main ideas…custumer service, cleanliness, and solid tattoo work. With that being said first and foremost I couldn’t do it without my talented staff who are like family instead of employees to me! They have worked their tail off to make it the best experience for the customer and make it as comfortable for them as possible. So pick one you love and they will be here when you feel the need for some new ink or even a touch up.

We also offer piercing, with the latest techniques and can not only do the traditional piercings but also modifications.

We are a very busy shop that still tries to do the little things to keep the integrity of the business as best we can. We try our very best to take care of each and every customer in a quick and professional manner and although there are times we drop the ball, I apologize to all of you who may have came across this. But we try our best to make it up to our customers and hope they understand things can get hectic.

Although we have been tattooing for awhile we are always studying the new direction that tattooing is moving in to keep up with the latest, greatest, and safest technology out there. Also studying and honing our art skills to become better artists.

Four years ago we moved our location and designed a new and improved state of the art facility and have worked our asses off to keep it clean and fresh as the day it opened! In 2014 Tainted Skin went completely 100% disposable in tattoo equipment, which means one time use for everything for each customer. So believe me when I say you are in good hands!!

We do realize customers are everything to us in this business, we are really working hard to make it the best experience possible.

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